Resolution Tips for MS Access Error 3011

Published: 18th July 2010
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A Microsoft Access database comprises of various objects such as tables, queries, macros, modules, and more. When opening a Microsoft Access database, you may observe several errors indicating that one or more database objects have gone corrupted. Here we discuss one such common error along with its reasons, and some simple access database recovery tips to resolve it and other such errors.

Let's first describe a general scenario in which you may encounter this error. Say, you create a complex Access database with various system and user-defined objects. The database runs fine until you receive the below error message on screen:

"The Microsoft Jet database engine could not find the object 'xxxx'. Make sure the object exists and that you spell its name and the path name correctly. (Error 3011)"

Where, 'xxx' refers to the name of the object that MS Access is unable to find. Error 3011 is a trappable DAO (Data Access Object) and Microsoft Jet error. This error message is generally encountered when you try to open an Access database with Microsoft Access.

Reason to Occur

The prime reason for the above error to occur is that Microsoft Access cannot recognize one or more system or user-defined objects, most probably because they are corrupted.

Note: In MS Access, system tables are denoted as system objects. These tables contain important information about the database and are hidden from the users. For example MsysAccessObjects and MsysRelationships.

Methods of Recovery

To isolate the given problem, you can try one of the following tips:

Repair the corrupted database by running Access 'Compact and Repair' utility

Check if a valid backup of database is available. If yes, delete the corrupted database and restore from backup

Use a third-party Access Recovery software to scan and repair the corrupted database

An access database repair software can scan a corrupted Access database and has high competency to extract its data in a readable format. Easy to use applications facilitate retrieving data from damaged database in a few simple steps that too without modifying the original database integrity.

Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery is a high-end solution that can repair corrupted Access database and restore data in a new database with all objects. This Access Recovery utility runs safe scanning algorithms and has a user-friendly interface. It supports MS Access 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000.

Manya Gupta is a database recovery expert and doing research on database repair and access recovery .

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